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Project 101

Conference/Seminar Presentation:

  • ECDA Conference, 25-26 September 2015

Building the Capacity of Educarers through Practical Coaching: A Specific and Skills Focused Learning Strategy

  • ECDA Conference 19-20 September 2014

Emotional Connections Fosters Language Mastery during the Early Years

  • Early Childhood Conference 20-21 November 2013

Moving Means Learning: The Power of Movement in Early Years

  • MCYS Annual Child Care Seminar 5 October 2012

Developing and Sustaining Pedagogical Leadership in Early Childhood Care & Education Profession

  • Child Care Seminar (MCYS – AECE) 1 - 2 Oct 1999

Promoting Social and Cultural Aspects in Preschool Curriculum

  • Preschool Teachers Seminar 12 June 1997

Involving Parents as Partners in Preschool Education

PD Couses & Workshop Facilitation:



  1. Pedagogy of Infant Educaring

  2. Respectful Infant Educaring

  3. Unpacking the Art of Educaring

  4. Educaring Infants in Group Care Setting: Being Respectful, Being Sensitive, And Being In-Tune

  5. Routine Time is Learning Time For Early Years Programme

  6. Planning Meaning Playtime for Children in the Early Years

  7. Early Literacy for Infants & Toddlers

  8. The Heart of Learning and Development for Infants and Toddlers

  9. Implementation Uninterrupted and Meaningful Play for Infants & Toddlers

  10. Social-Emotional Well-Being of Infants and Toddlers

  11. Nurturing Touch: Your Key to a Happier and Healthier Infant!

  12. Understanding Baby Signs & Language

  13. Sensitive Observation and Documentation in Early Years Programme: Using Observations to Inform Educare Practices

  14. Designing an Empowering and Enabling Early Years Environment

  15. Respectful Individualised Curriculum: The Heart of Quality Care for the Early Years

  16. Designing an Intentional Programme for Children in the Early years

  17. The Landscape of ECCE in Singapore

  18. 21st Century Competencies for Children

  19. Grooming Can-Do Kids

  20. Understanding the Love Languages of Your Child

  21. New Trends & Perspectives in ECCE Leadership

  22. Relationship-Based Leadership in Early Years Programme

  23. Practical Coaching in ECCE sector

  24. Pedagogical Leadership



  1. 方案教学的教育理念与教学策略 - 天津校长考察团

  2. 0到3岁 早期培育 体系概况简介 - 成都市龙泉驿教育局 (新加坡访学团)

  3. 婴幼儿培育课程 - 讲师培训

  4. 新加坡婴幼儿培育的原理和概要 - 河南省校长考察团

  5. 婴幼儿活动环境创设

  6. 幼儿培育的定义和范围

Public Talks

  1. A Career in Early Childhood Care & Education

  2. Teaching: The Art of Assisting Discovery

  3. Starting Your Enterprising Journey in Early Childhood Care & Education Sector

  4. Working with Young Children

  5. Benefits of Infant Massage

  6. Stay Connected During Meltdown

  7. Talking with Kids

  8. Active Babies Thinking Babies

  9. Stimulating Activities for Infants

  10. Early Educators as Reflective Practitioners

Short Articles

  1. Early Brain Development: What parents, teachers and caregivers need to know! (2018)

  2. Movement Activities Advance Brain Growth & Learning (2018)

  3. Play Aids Early Brain Development (2017)

  4. Preparing Your Child for Preschool (2017)

  5. Goodbye Without Tears: Helping Children Cope with Separation Anxiety (2017)

  6. Toys - Tools for Learning (2016)

  7. Personal Is Professional (2013)

  8. Quality Educaring (2012)

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